Reza Takjoo

Inorganic Polymer



1aDefine polymer

2aWhat is the inorganic polymer

 3aWhat is the difference between a monomer and a polymer

 4aCompare the inorganic and organic polymer in various aspects

5aDescribe synthesis of organic polymers methods briefly

 6aGive some examples each of natural and of synthetic polymers

 7aPolymers sometimes are referred to as macromolecules. Explain

 8aCount some advantages of organic polymers

 9aCount some disadvantages of inorganic polymers

                      10aCompare polymer vs. metal

                      11aWhat is polymer fibers

  1. 12aDefine Thermoplastics, Elastomer and Thermoset? Example
  2. 13aCompare Thermoplastic vs Thermoset

14a What is the meaning of Mz and Mz+1

15a What is the rank of various average molecular weights? Explain

16a Try to find coefficient of variation (C.V)a

17a Explain degree of polymerization

18a Define p (Most Probable Molecular Weight Distribution)q


19aConsider a blend of mass 2g formed from 1g of each of the two paraffin's: one C95H192 and the other C105H212, What are Mn and Mw of the blend

20a Explain Palit method

21a Count some other molecular weight determination method

22a What is the isothermal distillation technique problem

23a Draw a diagram of variation of vapor pressure with temperature for solvent and Solution

24a What is the deference between scattering and diffraction

25a Describe the centrifuge method

26a Describe the viscometry method

27a Define unimodal and multimodal disterbution

28a What is the molecular weight distribution

29a How can determine molecular weight distribution

30a What is Solvent Gradient Elution method

31a What is Solvent GPC

32a How Branching and Cross-Linking happen

33a Compare copolymer structures




Inorganic Polymers

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